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Why You Can’t “Do It Cheaper” When It Comes to Recruiting

By Sean Spellacy | Uncategorized | Aug 3

What do you think of when a client asks if you can do it cheaper? Or the quote is too high?

When I hear this the first thing that comes to mind is how does this person really value their company? I am a recruiter and this happens quite often especially with new clients.

At times I believe that new clients either think being a recruiter is easy, or they do not truly understand that the candidates are our products. I come to this conclusion because when talking about new roles as recruiters we constantly hear from clients/prospective customers talking about themselves that their organization is different and they are specialized, and their product/service may not be the cheapest but it is top of the line and provides the solutions that their customers need.

The interesting fact is as recruiters especially the ones that are truly specialized – we know our worth. We have a strong network, and a plan to go about getting you the right person that will add value for your organization. So next time you talk to a recruiter ask them about what they specialize in, and at times you will pay more but, I would be willing to bet that you will have a much better outcome more times than not. 

Can you find a recruiter to do it for cheaper, probably. But, if someone really valued their organization they would be more open to paying what it takes to have the best, not settling for something that saves you some money upfront.

Yes, from face value, all recruiters do the same thing. They find, match, and present talent. But in reality we are all very different, some better than others. Find and work with a recruiter that is familiar in your industry, they will become one of your best resources.

Look at Major League Baseball player Mike Trout (Angels CF), and Myles Straw (Guardians CF). Both play the same position and both are starters, but it will cost you much more to have Mike Trout on your team due to his skill sets, and what he brings to the table. So before you conclude with a recruiter they are priced out of your range and ask them if they can do it cheaper, think of the long term effect of a successful hire that costs more upfront, or a mis-hire that you have to replace multiple times before finding the solution.

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