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We focus on a narrow band of chemical sales, supply chain, purchasing and technical roles A value-based firm of established experts

Every member of our team is dedicated to the chemical space. We saw the need for industry leadership and for the specialized talent to drive the industry forward. We saw an opportunity to build stronger professional communities so we created Zenith Search™ Partners. Using the most advanced technology and proven methodologies, we work with our partner companies, always exceeding expectations.

A value-based firm of established experts.

There are no shortcuts

Every client we serve, every candidate we assist in finding the correct career path, is part of a transparent and collaborative effort based on methods proven to be efficient, effective and of measurable value to any company or individual we work with.

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An Adaptable Approach

While we have have our roots in the chemical industry, our methods are nimble and interdisciplinary.

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Discover numerous opportunities for professional and personal growth with companies that fit you. 

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Building better teams through precise placement Providing access to today's top performers

The future of the chemical industry and other vital sectors is expanding and becoming more diverse in the opportunities it has to offer, but it isn’t going to wait. The demand for talent and leadership who can deliver results has never been greater. Zenith Search™ Partners can provide access to both the professionals and the opportunities you need to continue growing.

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A partner who identifies with you

We are committed to creating value through an intensely collaborative process.

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Your career advocates

We provide the perspectives you need to develop the most productive career trajectories.