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Now is the Best Time to Hire Top Talent, Here’s Why

By Sean Spellacy | Uncategorized | Nov 3

“If you ain’t first, you’re last.” — Ricky Bobby

As with most business during this pandemic things have been slow, and is being chalked up as a loss. As we continue to live through this Coronavirus we are all learning and adapting on how to live our everyday lives as close to normal as possible.

But, when talking with businesses and candidates it seems that although adaptations have been made (zoom calls, less client visits, etc…) we are still hesitant to get aggressive and move forward.  Due to this thought process hiring in general is slow.

With that said as a recruiter I am still hearing this a lot from hiring managers, company leaders, and candidates.

  • We are on a hiring freeze, and not allowed to spend on new talent at this time.
  • We are currently running with a skeleton crew as we would not want to hire and then have to let a new person go if COVID has another spike.
  • Let’s catch up in a few months once we get a better handle on this virus.
  • I am nervous to make a change. Although I know there are better opportunities for me I am comfortable here and my job feels secure.

Now those responses do make sense during this time.

My response is WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR???

Think about the other side of the coin.

Timing is great right now to bring in top talent. Instead of waiting on the market to dictate your business, be the first to really go after top talent and get head start for next year over your competition who is sitting back.

Leaders take risks and leaders are not going to follow. The longer you sit back to harder it will be to catch the leaders. Be a leader, be first, not last in investing for yours OR your companies future.

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