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How Should Candidates Evaluate Potential Employers?

By Brian | Uncategorized | Oct 29

Hiring is, of course, a two-way street. Not only are the employers conducting a series of interviews to evaluate how a person would perform if hired, a job candidate must also see if they want the position and would feel happy in the role.

After all, taking a new job is a huge move and requires a person to take a large leap of faith in the new company and vice-versa. Here are tips on how a candidate can successfully evaluate a new potential employer:

First, you need to ask yourself an important question: “Can I see myself in this role and at this company for at least two years?” according to Forbes. The publication notes that because a job is a long-term commitment, it’s crucial to work there for at least a year. “Think beyond just the role you’re accepting and envision a career path with the company. You want to be sure that you see a future for yourself at the company, rather than having to repeat the job search process in a year or two’s time,” according to Forbes.

Another important thing to evaluate when looking at an employer and mulling over a job offer is the compensation and benefits you’ll receive with the opportunity. “No matter how perfect the job is or how excited you are to get an offer, you should always negotiate. Negotiation goes beyond salary, including benefits like flexibility, time off, transportation reimbursement, and work from home options,” as noted by the publication.

While the actual work may be great and you can see yourself liking your manager, it’s important to weigh how the compensation package would benefit you and your family.

Finally, you should evaluate whether a potential employer is a cultural fit. “The most important thing job seekers should look for in a new job offer before agreeing to take on the position is cultural fit and values alignment,” according to Forbes.  By doing this, you can decide for yourself whether or not you can see yourself staying at the organization for years to come and as a place to advance your career successfully.

In sum, evaluating potential employers is no easy feat. By asking valuable questions during the recruiting process, however, you can learn about the company and see if it’d be a strong fit for your life and your future.

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