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2021 Looks Good for Water Treatment Industry

By Sean Spellacy | Uncategorized | Mar 9

I feel that the water treatment industry as a whole will be picking up big time in 2021. When Covid-19 first hit last year a lot of companies took precautions and had to downsize in order to sustain the hit in loss of revenue. But, coming up on a year now these companies are realizing that:

1.) We are learning how to live with the virus.

2.) The virus is not going away anytime soon.

3.) Running skeleton crews for an extended period is not best for business either.

Now although the large global organizations can sustain the decrease in business the majority of small and midsize companies need to start generating revenue now. Timing is good as well for these companies to add talent. Candidates that have been overused to compensate for the smaller sales staffs are not necessarily happy, and this opens the door for the small and midsize companies to land some of this top talent. Also talent that was laid off during the pandemic are hungry to find a new home.

From what I am seeing in the market the companies that are not afraid to invest for the long term and not sitting back and waiting for things to happen will be the ones that come out on top in 2021.

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