3 Things Chris Yee (a Houston fan) Learned From a New York Yankee Fan

We’re big sports fans here at Zenith and that includes baseball. So when we came across this truly touching story from ESPN, we knew had to share it with you. Our three takeaways from the article transcend sport and yes, they even apply to the chemical industry and the world of work. 1. President Jimmy Carter…

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“​Nothing New Under The Sun”​

A February ice storm brought historically cold weather to Texas. Power plants went offline as demand spiked and millions of Texans lost power due to rolling blackouts or what electrical grid operators call “shedding load”. Simply put, power was cut to millions of Texans to keep electrical supply and demand balanced while temperatures were well…

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Three Ways to Identify a Trustworthy Recruiter

Trust a recruiter

It’s harsh to say it, but there are no standards to become a recruiter.  The qualifying process is attrition.  Imagine that you have an urgent and critical vacancy.  This person could make or break this year’s bonus and maybe your career!  You speak with a recruiter with whom you’ve never spoken before You haven’t met…

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